Street Talk


Lauren Becker
nurse | South Philadelphia
“No. Let [gay men] have their own club if that’s what they want. The only reason a straight person would want to make it an issue would be to cause a problem — or make a point. That’s totally unnecessary. People have too much time on their hands.”
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Should HIV transmission be decriminalized?

Nicholas Boccella
electrician | North Philadelphia
“No. If a girl gave me AIDS, I’d be very upset. There should be some type of law on the books to deal with that situation. A judge or a jury could decide the actual punishment. But the law should make it a crime.”
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Should the government be funding reparative therapy?

Tara Bailey
therapist | Washington Square West
“No. I don’t think the government should be involved in taking away our gayness. The government doesn’t have a place in people’s personal lives. Stay out of my bedroom. If someone wants the service, they need to rely on nongovernmental funds.”
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Should signed consent be required for an HIV test as part of routine blood work?

Andrew Fisher
student | Washington Square West
“It couldn’t hurt to have the signature but I wouldn’t make it a requirement. People should know their HIV status. And their doctors should know, too. The HIV test should be considered routine, just like other medical tests.”
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What does July Fourth mean to you?

Nikki Green
patient-servicesrepresentative | Center City
“That we live in a good country, and people made sacrifices to keep it that way. I go to the fireworks on the Parkway — and count my blessings. I feel very lucky to live in this country.”
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