Street Talk

Can a state restrict its municipalities from enacting civil-rights laws?

Erica Haydel
loan processor | Northeast Philadelphia
“No, not unless the state will include everyone in its antidis-crimination laws. The world is changing. People have different lifestyles that should be respected. It’s 2011 — get with the times. Discrimination isn’t cool. I’m pro-everybody.”
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What are your plans for Memorial Day?

George Bertges
flight attendant | Washington Square West
“Visiting my mother in Las Vegas. It will be fun. We’ll barbecue seafood and mixed vegetables. Then, we’ll go boating and waterskiing in Lake Meade.”
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Is this area ready for an LGBT federal judge?

Emma Ditnes
student | Mt. Airy
“No, I think there’s a very real possibility that the entrenched powers would prevent it. And the laws prohibiting discrimination in the region are quite sketchy. I find that disgusting. But I’m not totally demoralized, because I think my generation will take up the slack. I’m optimistic about the future.”
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Should there be restrictions on televised same-sex displays of affection?

Andrew Ferguson
cashier | Southwest Philadelphia
“Yes, until 10 p.m. The younger kids will be in bed by 10 p.m. Young children deserve protection, ages 5 to 15. They’re really too young for that. Let kids have their childhood. At 16, they’re in high school, and don’t need to be protected.”
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Do you agree with fining Kobe Bryant for his antigay slur?

Molly Campbell
communications specialist | Mt. Airy
“Yes, because Bryant was on the job [when uttering the slur]. It wasn’t as if he was in a bar somewhere on his private time. There are ethics and standards to uphold while you’re working. Obviously he failed to do that, and he has to pay the price.”
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Should gender be considered in overseeing urine-sample testing?

Sarah Beahm
dog walker | South Philadelphia
“No, gender should have nothing to do with anything. The person administering the test is a professional and should be treated as such. Their gender is nobody’s business whatsoever. If the client has a problem, they can go elsewhere.”
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Zachary Erdmann
student | South Philadelphia
“Yes. They serve as role models. They’re with kids all day, and kids are impression-able. They don’t always have good examples set for them at home. So it’s all the more important to have good examples set at school.”
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Did you file your tax returns?

Lee Dewar
business executive | Bristol, England
“Yes, I earned about $50,000 this year, and I paid about $6,000 in taxes. I paid them in the United Kingdom, where I live. The taxes are high, but not excessive. I have no complaints. In England you get free healthcare, so the taxes are worth it. The only exception is dental care. I have to pay for that.”
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