Street Talk

What should the Pennsylvania legislature accomplish this year for the LGBT community?

Gino Barrica
insurance underwriter | Society Hill
“Legalizing same-sex marriage and passing a state GLBT antidiscrimination law. Those are two obvious things. I’m not saying there should be special rights, but members of the GLBT community should have the same rights as anyone else. Including marriage.”
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What was the top LGBT story of 2008?

Benjamin North
research assistant | Washington Square West
“The Rick Warren controversy. His selection to speak at the Obama Inaugural was disappointing. I don’t think Rev. Warren needs a national platform. He passes himself off as a mainstream pastor, and he’s not.”
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What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Kamilah Clarke
HIV-prevention counselor | West Philadelphia
“To buckle down more on my yoga practice. I do it to be centered. It really helps. Also, to pay more attention to my female friends. They live far away and tend to fall by the wayside. But good girlfriends are hard to come by.”
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