Street Talk

Are the courts better venues than state legislatures to pursue LGBT equality?

Michael Brumbaugh
actor | Northern Liberties
“No, it’s best to start with state legislatures — that’s where you have the opportunity to pass progressive legislation. After that, I hope the courts will interpret the new laws to benefit gay people. Having gay issues brought up in legislatures is helpful. The increased awareness can have a positive influence on judges.”
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Would you ever purposely out someone?

Angelo Ciurlino
stock clerk | Washington Square West
“Generally speaking, no. I can keep a secret. But if I found out about a politician who’s really giving gay people a hard time, I’d probably post the information on the Internet. I know gay people go through a lot. If I can lend a helping hand — fine.”
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Should video cameras be permitted at the Proposition 8 trial?

Scott Cauvel
flight attendant | Society Hill
“Yes. Educating the public on this controversial issue is to everyone’s benefit. I realize the need for judicial decorum but it’s up to the judge to have controls in place to prevent a circus atmosphere. It shouldn’t get to the point where either party would be offended.”
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Should the U.S. Census include a specific question about sexual orientation?

Jose Aguiar

claims analyst | Washington Square West
“If you can guarantee some level of privacy, I don’t see a problem with it being asked. Ideally, it would all be done through the mail. If a census worker visits the home, they shouldn’t ask the questions. They should just give the questionnaire to the person. Let the person fill it out, and seal it.”
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