Street Talk

Is hate speech a valid reason to ban someone from a country?

Tyler Fowler
student | Kingston, N.H.
“No. A country should respect and value freedom of speech. It’s a slippery slope to start excluding people from a country based on their views. I don’t think a country should be playing games with its borders to censor people.”
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Will the Miss California controversy have any impact on marriage equality?

Jack Nichols
student | Roxborough
“No. The Miss USA pageant isn’t that culturally significant. Miss California won’t win any converts to her way of thinking. She got on the national stage because of her looks, not her intellect. People realize that. Her opinion on gay marriage won’t change the way the nation feels.”
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What's the next accomplishment for the LGBT community?

Tom Zylkin
data specialist | Washington Square West
“New Jersey will enact same-sex marriage rights. It’s a very liberal state. People there are college-educated, for the most part, and can grasp the issue. It’s not a state that’s filled with Bible Belt conservatives. Residents tend to be sensitive to things like the environment and human rights.”
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Would you ever use the Internet to find a date?

Greg Laucella
student | South Philadelphia
“No. I’m not going out of my way to find a partner. I just go about my daily routine, and if I meet someone, fine. I wouldn’t put myself out there on the Internet. It’s just not my thing.”
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Should people take condom advice from the pope?

Estevan Dominguez
student | Northeast Philadelphia
“No, I wouldn’t recommend going to the pope for that kind of advice. He’ll take the religious viewpoint, which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with protecting someone’s health. It’s true that condoms can fail, but usually they don’t. People should use them.”
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What would you do as a job of last resort?

Henry Cirilo
salesperson | Germantown section
“I’d be a paper boy, as long as the newspapers still remain in business. I like the outdoors, and it would be good exercise. I’m a sports fan. I could read the sports pages while delivering the papers.”
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Will President Obama be able to end the ban on openly gay servicemembers?

Paul Bianchi
workers’ compensation coordinator | South Philadelphia
“I have my doubts. He has so many other things on his plate. He needs to establish a proven track record on the policies he’s already implemented before he branches out into gays and the military. Of course, I hope he’s successful in repealing the policy.”
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