Street Talk

Is it valid to compare racism with anti-LGBT bias?

Luke Hefele
cook | Bear, Del.
“It’s best not to compare the two: It’s like apples and oranges. This country oppresses black people on a much greater scale than LGBT folks. Just go to an impoverished ghetto. I don’t think you’ll see many gay people running around.”
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Do you find the phrase "no homo" offensive?

Carol Douglas
secretary | Logan
“Yes. It’s a little too harsh for me. I don’t like the sound of it. I don’t see any reason for abbreviating ‘homosexual’ into ‘homo.’ It shows a lack of respect for the individual. I’d feel bad for any gay person who has to hear that.”
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What celebrity death affected you the most?

Brian Campo
accountant | Washington Square West
“Princess Diana. She was feisty when she needed to be. And she was devoted to her charities, rather than being a socialite. She was truly a woman of the people.”
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Is marriage an inalienable right?

Wes DeMarco
graphic designer | Tampa, Fla.
“Personally, I don’t understand all the assimilation. I don’t need a certificate to legitimize my relationship. I don’t want any control by the state, at all. People have the right to relationships of their choice, as long as they’re not hurting anyone else.”
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Has Obama followed through on his LGBT promises?

Becca Holloway
student | Wilmington, Del.
“No, he’s not doing as much as he should. LGBT issues are a hot potato for him, and he’s waiting for it to cool down. But he should face it now. He seems more worried about securing his reelection rather than doing the right thing.”
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Are all gay-marriage opponents bigots?

Jeremy Tan
medical student | East Falls
"No. I try not to judge other people until I hear what they have to say. It would take a lot on their part to convince me that they're not a bigot, but I'm always open to listening. I'd give them that option."
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Did homophobia impact the "American Idol" vote?

Austin Algeo
bartender | South Philadelphia
“No. It’s just a bunch of teeny-bopper girls voting for a cute little boy. Adam had the better voice. But Kris was sexier. And he had more relatability to the teenage girls.”
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What's a more appropriate term — gay or homosexual?

Jessica Bertino
hostess | Hammonton, N.J.
“Gay. It has a friendlier tone to it. My brother is gay. We use the word all the time. Homosexual is so harsh. And it limits a person to their sexuality, as if they didn’t have a personality.”
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Is hate speech a valid reason to ban someone from a country?

Tyler Fowler
student | Kingston, N.H.
“No. A country should respect and value freedom of speech. It’s a slippery slope to start excluding people from a country based on their views. I don’t think a country should be playing games with its borders to censor people.”
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