Street Talk

Should Amazon be headquartered in Philadelphia, despite a lack of statewide LGBT protections?

Chris Bey
home-health aide | South Philadelphia
"Yes. It will bring much-needed revenue to the state. The money could soften the burden experienced by members of the LGBT community in Pennsyl-vania. It won't give people everything they want, but it can bring some comfort. At least we'll get more money into the state."
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Should there be a national holiday honoring the LGBT movement?

Teya Crawford
student | Gayborhood
“Yes, I support that. The LGBT community has faced a lot of discrimina-tion. They’ve overcome many obstacles. A national holiday would be well-deserved. Also, it will raise awareness about LGBT issues. Everyone should be aware of the LGBT community.”
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Could an openly transgender person vying to become a U.S. senator be victorious?

Jamie Brill
marketing specialist | Holland, Pa.
“Yes. People are more open-minded to that sort of thing. We have a lesbian U.S. senator in this country. If people can accept a lesbian, why not accept a trans person? We’re on the right path. It might take 10 years. But we’re getting there.”
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Should the pope issue a formal apology for the Catholic church's treatment of LGBT people?

Livi Barry
barista | Kensington
“Absolutely. He seems more open than past popes. I don’t think it would be a long shot for him to apologize to the LGBT community. I think it would mean a lot to people, even outside of the church. And it wouldn’t cost a dime!”
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Would you attend a White House party while Trump is in office?

Leah Allyson
yoga teacher | Fitler Square
"Yes, I would. I'm always interested in engaging with people with whom I disagree. I would go and try to have a conversation with Trump. I heard he's very charismatic. I'd ask him if he'd consider having a conversation with people of differing opinions."
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