Street Talk

What do you appreciate most about Philly's LGBT community?

Sacha Downes
student | West Philadelphia
"They're very open-minded about things. I don't like being around closed-minded people. I'm straight. But I get bored easily when there's a lack of diversity. I value my relationships in the LGBT community. I see a lot of togetherness in the community."
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What's your reaction to Harvey Weinstein turning himself in on rape and sex-abuse charges?

Chelsea Meyers
design researcher | Queen Village
"Harvey Weinstein is entirely repulsive. What a dreadful man! I'm super delighted to see the #MeToo movement moving forward. But there are so many more men who need to be prosecuted, and not just for crimes against straight, white famous women — though their voices should be heard. But there is so much more that needs to be uncovered."
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Would you encourage a young female to join Scouts BSA?

Lesley Andricks
nursing student | Lancaster
“Yes. I think there would be more opportunities for a girl in Scouting rather than in Girl Scouts. There would be more opportunity for a girl to advance her skills and to become more well-rounded. Scouts equip people better than Girl Scouts would.”
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What's your reaction to the recent Yale sleeping-student incident?

Elena Karmazin
radio producer | Fairmount
“I can’t wrap my head around it. People fall asleep in common areas of dorms all the time. The person who called police definitely overreacted. She was 100 percent in the wrong. It would be different if a 50-year-old man were sleeping in the common area. That might have been a valid reason for concern. But in this case, it was another young student.”
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Will you vote in Pennsylvania's May 15 primary election?

Melvin Anderson
construction worker | West Oak Lane
"Yes. I'm a Democrat. I'll do everything in my power to make sure Democrats are in office. I don't like Republicans, especially Trump. He's making a mockery of the presidency. In my opinion, he's very bad for the country."
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Are you boycotting Starbucks?

Kyle Chvasta
social worker | South Philadelphia
"Yes, I'm definitely going to boycott Starbucks. It's been shown that what happened in Philly wasn't an isolated incident. And Starbucks isn't pro-workers' rights. The pay is bad and people are overworked."
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What's your feeling about trans people serving in the military?

Jessica Anelli
marketing director | Northeast Philadelphia
"Trans people have the same rights as anyone else to do whatever they want. I think Trump is misdirected in most of his decisions, especially this one. I fully support the LGBT community, especially transgender people. They've been persecuted long enough."
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What do you think of entertainment figures running for office, such as Cynthia Nixon running for governor of New York?

Zachary Hughes-Summers
student | Germantown
“As long as they understand what they’re getting into and have a plan to make the world a better place, I’m all for it. If Donald Trump can be president, why can’t an entertainer be president? And don’t forget Ronald Reagan. He was an actor before going into politics.”
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Does the CEO of Mazzoni Center have to be LGBT to lead the agency effectively?

Daniel Bowles
personal trainer | Lawrenceville, N.J.
“Let’s be fair. Turning down someone simply because of their sexual preference or gender identity is discrimination. You have to look at the talent and intentions of the person. After all, this is America and everyone deserves an equal opportunity for employment.”
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Should there be an LGBT contingent in Trump's military parade in November?

Kathleen Caldwell
student | Center City
"I have mixed feelings. I disagree with a lot of Trump's policies, especially his dealings with minority groups. But he is our president. And we can't ignore him. If there's an LGBT military contingent that wants to march, they have my wholehearted support. Actually, the recognition could be beneficial to the concept of LGBT equality in the military."
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