Street Talk

Will you read Caitlyn Jenner's new book?

Joseph Ament
account manager | Seattle, Wash.
“I'll read excerpts of it online but I'm not going to read the entire book. I usually don't read biographies. I'm more interested in fiction. I do think Caitlyn Jenner did a very brave thing, and it's great to have her as a spokesperson for the community. This is a time when the community needs a strong voice.”
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What's your opinion about repealing Obamacare?

Christopher Lowe
bartender | Gayborhood
"I'm worried that people with pre-existing conditions will no longer be able to afford health care because their premiums will increase. I'm also firmly opposed to any maximum lifetime benefit. If we're going to have an insurance system, you can't tell someone: ‘Sorry, your life is too expensive. You don't have health insurance anymore.’”
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Should the Pulse massacre be commemorated on a postage stamp?

Krystal Brackett
retail manager | Pennsport
"Yes. The LGBT community has very few honors at the federal level. It would be wonderful to have a stamp. Pulse was a national tragedy of epic proportions. A stamp is good, in my book. And if it gives Donald Trump a kick in the ass, I'm all for it."
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Should presidential candidates be required by law to release their tax documents?

Joy Costillo
graduate student | South Philadelphia
"Yes. If you're a person with integrity, it wouldn't be a problem. You know you're not doing anything wrong. I think President Trump is hiding something. My personal opinion is that Trump cheated on his taxes. That's why he doesn't want to release them."
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Should D.A. Seth Williams resign from office?

Reanna Bowman
dog walker | South Philadelphia
"No, he has a right to a trial. Let him stay in office during this interlude before trial. My understand-ing is that's the normal procedure. Why make an exception for Seth Williams?"
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What's your favorite outdoor activity in the spring?

Antonio Bumarch
dog walker | Port Richmond
"Bicycle riding. It keeps me active without becoming a fitness freak. It helps me interact with nature. I'll ride to the park or the waterfront. It's also good exercise. I definitely feel it in my legs afterwards."
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Would a meeting between Caitlyn Jenner and President Trump benefit the LGBT community?

Nikki Krisanda
dancer | Manhattan
“She wouldn’t be my personal choice as spokesperson of the LGBT community. She’s not my fave. She does have name recognition, which could bring more attention to the community, but Caitlyn Jenner is a conservative lady and that gives me concern.”
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Should gun control be on the LGBT community's agenda?

Ivan Aquino
data collector | Statesboro, Ga.
“Yes. But gun control should include arming yourself against violence. People doing nothing are getting shot down. Orlando is a perfect example. A lot of violence is aimed at the LGBT community. I think the LGBT community should arm themselves.”
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