Street Talk

What's your opinion of openly LGBT police officers leading a Pride parade?

Bradford Carter
retail manager | Wilkes-Barre
"The mere fact that you're an openly LGBT police officer doesn't get you to the front of a Pride parade. There probably are more deserving individuals who've contributed more to the advancement of our community. I hope that all sensitivities can be taken in account, and that a solution is reached."

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What LGBT person would you like to be stranded with on a deserted island?

Carmelo Galati
university professor | Gayborhood
"Anderson Cooper. He's very attractive, but that's not the main reason. He has a very large intellectual capacity. He's such a fascinating person, I'd forget all about the need to be rescued. And he's so smart, he'd probably figure out a way to get both of us off the island!"
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What can Mayor Kenney do to help pass an LGBT civil-rights law in Harrisburg?

Eleni Delopoulos
actor | West Philadelphia
"He needs to take a caravan out to Harrisburg, filled with LGBT people. Swarm the state Capitol, visit legislators' offices and impress upon them the need for an LGBT civil-rights bill. If the legislators know that enough people are affected, I hope they'll act favorably."
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What should be done with the old Boy Scouts building in Philadelphia?

Sophia Coles
homemaker | North Philadelphia
"Turn it into a Boys and Girls Club for gays and lesbians. I don't think there's anything like that anywhere in the city. The group could provide moral support for the community because there's a lot of bullying and gay-bashing going on. I have many gay and lesbian friends."
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Will you watch "I Am Cait," Season 2?

Richard Bruno
travel agent | South Philadelphia
"No. I don't like her political views. She's a pretty lady but she's very Republican, which I find hypocritical. She wants to be accepted by the world but she's closed-minded. I watch a lot of TV, but not that show."
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What's your favorite April Fool's Day prank?

Chastity Cook
security guard | West Oak Lane
"Someone at work brought in several different outfits. Throughout the day, she'd change into a different outfit and act like nothing was out of the ordinary. People were looking at her like, 'What's going on, girl?' She just went about her business, nonchalantly."
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