Street Talk

What's your favorite outdoor activity in the spring?

Antonio Bumarch
dog walker | Port Richmond
"Bicycle riding. It keeps me active without becoming a fitness freak. It helps me interact with nature. I'll ride to the park or the waterfront. It's also good exercise. I definitely feel it in my legs afterwards."
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Would a meeting between Caitlyn Jenner and President Trump benefit the LGBT community?

Nikki Krisanda
dancer | Manhattan
“She wouldn’t be my personal choice as spokesperson of the LGBT community. She’s not my fave. She does have name recognition, which could bring more attention to the community, but Caitlyn Jenner is a conservative lady and that gives me concern.”
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Should gun control be on the LGBT community's agenda?

Ivan Aquino
data collector | Statesboro, Ga.
“Yes. But gun control should include arming yourself against violence. People doing nothing are getting shot down. Orlando is a perfect example. A lot of violence is aimed at the LGBT community. I think the LGBT community should arm themselves.”
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Should President Trump be blamed for the increase in hate crimes?

Jasmine Clark
development consultant | Elkins Park
“No. If someone wants to commit a hate crime, they’re going to do it, regardless of who’s president. If you’re a bad person, you’re going to be a bad person. Trump is a people pleaser. He says what his base wants to hear. I hold him accountable for a lack of scruples, but he hasn’t gone out and shot anyone.”
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Will the milestone achievement of LGBT film "Moonlight" be eclipsed by the Oscar snafu?

Cynthia Kelly
barber | South Philadelphia
“I do think the mishap has taken some of the shine away from the movie. If that didn’t happen, ‘Moonlight’ may have received more recognition as an LGBT achievement. But at least people know that it exists. Maybe they’ll go out to see it. I definitely plan on seeing it.”
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What's your reaction to the Boy Scouts accepting trans boys?

Debbie Drubin
pet sitter | Queen Village
“I think it’s wonderful. If acceptance can start at such a young age, all the better. The kids will all be in uniforms. What difference does it make what’s under their uniforms? I look forward to the day when someone’s gender and gender identity are irrelevant.”
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