Street Talk

Will the Pulse massacre have any effect on pending LGBT legislation?

Stephanie Connor
pet groomer | Fishtown
"Yes. It was such an awful tragedy, a very overwhelm-ing event. I do believe legislators will be moved by it and push through ENDA. There's no way this tragedy can be ignored. It was hideous, horrendous and appalling. I was really pissed when I heard about it."
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What freedom do you treasure?

Dwayne Green
pharmacy technician | Southwest Philadelphia
"The freedom to pursue alternate health approaches, such as herbology, homeopathic medicine and dietary adjustments. I really appreciate all the natural-food stores. They offer organic, GMO-free foods that are great. A good diet is key to health and happiness. No matter how much money you have, if you don't have health, you're not going to be happy."
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Should Pulse reopen as a nightclub?

Rebecca Aventi
dental hygienist | Greenville,N.C.
"Yes, keep it as a nightclub but have some type of memorial built inside. Maybe set aside a room with the names and photos of the victims displayed, or maybe some sort of sculpture to designate the tragedy."
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Should Bernie Sanders stop running for president?

Stephanie Abraham
professor | Northern Liberties
"I'm a Bernie fan. I'm glad he's running and holding Hillary accountable. She's a powerful lady who needs to be held accountable. I'm sure that within the next few weeks, Bernie will stop running. But for now, his voice is very important."
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What's your opinion of openly LGBT police officers leading a Pride parade?

Bradford Carter
retail manager | Wilkes-Barre
"The mere fact that you're an openly LGBT police officer doesn't get you to the front of a Pride parade. There probably are more deserving individuals who've contributed more to the advancement of our community. I hope that all sensitivities can be taken in account, and that a solution is reached."

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What LGBT person would you like to be stranded with on a deserted island?

Carmelo Galati
university professor | Gayborhood
"Anderson Cooper. He's very attractive, but that's not the main reason. He has a very large intellectual capacity. He's such a fascinating person, I'd forget all about the need to be rescued. And he's so smart, he'd probably figure out a way to get both of us off the island!"
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