Street Talk

What should be done with the old Boy Scouts building in Philadelphia?

Sophia Coles
homemaker | North Philadelphia
"Turn it into a Boys and Girls Club for gays and lesbians. I don't think there's anything like that anywhere in the city. The group could provide moral support for the community because there's a lot of bullying and gay-bashing going on. I have many gay and lesbian friends."
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Will you watch "I Am Cait," Season 2?

Richard Bruno
travel agent | South Philadelphia
"No. I don't like her political views. She's a pretty lady but she's very Republican, which I find hypocritical. She wants to be accepted by the world but she's closed-minded. I watch a lot of TV, but not that show."
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What's your favorite April Fool's Day prank?

Chastity Cook
security guard | West Oak Lane
"Someone at work brought in several different outfits. Throughout the day, she'd change into a different outfit and act like nothing was out of the ordinary. People were looking at her like, 'What's going on, girl?' She just went about her business, nonchalantly."
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What's your favorite Easter tradition?

Olivia O’Callaghan
home-health aide | Manchester, England
"I'm from Britain. A big thing over there is to do something with eggs. For instance, I give my little nieces and nephews hollow chocolate eggs. They love to eat them. And I eat some, too. Also, I'll paint faces on hard-boiled eggs with a paint brush. But we never eat those eggs."
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Is Donald Trump a serious presidential contender?

Tahnee Jackson
retail manager | South Philadelphia
“No. He’s the very embodiment of all that’s bad in this country: racism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, you name it. But too many people do take Trump seriously. It’s possible he’ll be elected president. If that happens, I’d happily be deported.”
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Should trans youth under 18 be permitted to undergo gender-confirmation surgery?

Miriam Baldwin
teacher | Somerville, Mass.
"Yes. For a child who's been living as a different gender since the age of 3, it seems wrong for them to have to wait until they're 18 to have their body correspond with who they are. When they're that clear about their gender identity early on, it's not going to change. I definitely feel this option should be a possibility, on a case-by-case basis."
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Should President Obama have attended Justice Scalia's funeral?

Amanda Brandt
student | Chester
"Well, he did go to the viewing. I give him credit for that. And he's got a million things to do in his day. But he should have gone to both. The fuss he's getting isn't worth the point he made. But I think the Scalia family was a poor sport for not greeting the Obamas at the viewing."
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Should the Oscars be boycotted?

Jake Brams
student | South Philadelphia
"Yes, why not? I think African Americans have been overlooked for far too long at the Oscars. They've given some of the best performances but their talent hasn't been recognized. I'm not going to watch the Oscars this year."
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