Street Talk

Will you attend the Mummers Parade?

Farirai Fundira
Realtor | Fairmount
"No. It's not my thing. I'm from Zimbabwe, Africa. I don't really associate with that crowd. I've got nothing against the parade, and I'm within walking distance [of the parade]. But I don't have any interest in attending."
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What's the most memorable Christmas gift you've given?

Sean DeCastro
contractor | West Philadelphia
"I gave my sister a CD by the Ramones called 'Brain Drain.' You should have seen her face when she opened the gift. She's a devoted fan of the Ramones. It was a pleasure to give her so much joy. That's what the holiday season is all about."

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Is it time for another LGBT March on Washington?

Danielle DiPaolo
account executive | Queen Village
"Yes. We're living in scary times. People are very concerned that hard-fought victories will be stripped away, so I say to do the march sooner rather than later. But coordinate it with allies to give it more impact."
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What should be a priority for the city's Commission on LGBT Affairs?

Erik Backlund
social-science researcher | Gayborhood
"Address LGBT-youth issues. Make sure there's an adequate safety net for LGBT youth in Philadelphia. If we can provide social support for LGBT youth to help them avoid pitfalls such as substance abuse, homelessness and sex work, all the better. Everyone benefits in society."
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Should Hillary Clinton run for president again in four years?

Tyler Cirillo
cook | Point Breeze
"Yes, I voted for her. I like her policies. Granted, all politicians are dishonest, to some degree. But basically, she's a good person. People think she won't win, if she tries again. But nobody thought Trump would win. And look what happened."

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What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

Sophia Astles
musician | North Philadelphia
"I'm a jazz vocalist. I'm grateful for my voice. I get a lot of positive feedback from friends. I lived in New Orleans for several months. Jazz is very prominent down there. I'm grateful that experience helped hone my skills."
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Will you consider Trump your president?

Maryan Captan
writer/poet | West Philadelphia
“No, I will not. How could I? I'm everything he opposes. I'm a woman, an immigrant and Middle-Eastern. Trump won't act in my best interests. So how could I consider him to be my president?
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Should the U.S. government pay reparations to LGBT people jailed due to anti-sodomy laws?

Benjamin Deadwyler
server | Bella Vista
"Absolutely. There should be reparations for LGBTs, blacks — all people who were system-atically oppressed and denied their rights by the United States government. My heart goes out to them. They suffered needless indignity. Reparations are necessary."
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What's the best way to tackle racism in the Gayborhood?

Bertram Bauer
sales rep | South Philadelphia
"An end to all dress codes in the bars — within reason, of course. There should be no more bans on people in athletic outfits, or people wearing Timberland boots. That's unacceptable. As a Jewish man, I want to see more empathy for all groups of people."
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What public figure would you like to spoof on Halloween?

Lena Krobock
nursing student | West Philadelphia
"Billy Bush. I'd hold a microphone and have a plastic foot in my mouth. Billy Bush has forfeited his right to speak publicly on television. It was so reprehensible, what was said on that tape [with Donald Trump]."
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