Street Talk

What would you say to Ivanka Trump if you could have lunch with her?

Hanani Brooks
prep chef | Queen Village
"It's very screwed-up that your father won't let transgender people in the military. I know some queens who can fight viciously. They would defend our country to the hilt. Your dad needs a reality check. He's living in La-La Land."
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Should Pennsylvanians have the option of a non-binary birth certificate?

Mercedes Broughton
teacher | Society Hill
"Yes. I realize some state officials might oppose it but I support that option, definitely. A non-binary option wouldn't have to be on every birth certificate issued in Pennsylvania but a birth certificate with that option should be available to someone who specifically requests it."
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What foreign land would you like to visit this summer?

Ennis Carter
executive director | Gayborhood
"Calcutta, India. There's such an amazing culture of spirituality there. I would find that very inspirational. The symbols and art that I would see in that city would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience."
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Will trans military recruits be permitted to serve openly in the Trump administration?

Britni Nelson
sous-chef | Old City
"No, because President Trump is close-minded to change. It comes from being old-fashioned. He was raised in a different time. I just hope this issue will inspire a conversation that will bring about a new [presidential] administration."
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What's your opinion of Ellen DeGeneres cancelling Kim Burrell's appearance on her show?

Jessica Batton
maintenance engineer | South Philadelphia
"I love Ellen. I totally support her sexuality, but she could have been a better sport and heard the girl out. Censorship doesn't solve anything. I think a dialogue between the two ladies could have been handled well, with them talking to each other respectfully."
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Should Kathy Griffin have been fired from her CNN New Year's gig?

Lanica Angpak
youth-program coordinator | Queen Village
"No. What she did wasn't such a big deal. Similar parodies have been done on Obama, without the same outcry. I feel compassion for her. Her punishment was too extreme. People have done worse and not gotten fired."
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Should the names of jurors in the Bill Cosby trial be released to the media?

Leah Bush
doctoral student | Baltimore, Md.
"No, not in this age of social media. Social media will harass and stalk them to no end. I can't get behind that. However, it would be nice if we could get a breakdown of the vote — not by naming the jurors, just by their juror number. In a free society, we have a right to at least that much information."
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What's your opinion of brown and black stripes added to Philadelphia's rainbow flag?

Ruth Bohlander
adjunct professor | Point Breeze
"I support the change. I'm extremely liberal and I'm very supportive of racial equality. Our city, unfortunate-ly, is one of the most segregated cities in the country. Anything we can do to ring a bell for equality, I'm all for."
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What advocacy cause should Melania Trump promote?

Marissa Athar
nurse | Queen Village
"Disability rights. It's our next frontier. We've done LGBT rights. Now the disabled really need some protections. I saw [on TV] a man with cerebral palsy sucker-punched by someone, for no reason. That was so sad."
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