Street Talk

What's your impression of the visit by Pope Francis?

Thomas M. Hoover
attorney | Gayborhood
"His visit was good for the city. I could have done without all the disruption but it boosted the city's image and helped us forget other problems, temporarily. I was touched that he went to the correctional facility. He showed people that no one is trash."
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Are details about Vesper Flanagan's sexual preferences relevant to news coverage of his crime?

Rebecca Farnham
marketing manager | Gayborhood
"No. I'm not saying the media should de-gayize him or pretend he wasn't gay. But it would have been sufficient to say Vesper Flanagan was gay, and leave it at that. I don't see the need to go into details of his sexual preferences."
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What would you say to the pope if you could meet him?

Brad Luna
public-relations specialist | Washington Square West
"It's time you repudiate the centuries-long homophobia leveraged by the Catholic Church. The LGBT community continues to be harmed by the religious discrimina-tion that you're a party to. You should join with the other denominations in fully welcoming all people."
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Should businesses stop producing Caitlin Jenner costumes?

Benjamin Deck
medical researcher | North Philadelphia
"No. We live in a free marketplace. The companies should be allowed to produce the costumes. But the costumes are offensive. Caitlin is a human being, who has feelings. I sincerely hope that nobody buys them. And they shouldn't make their own [Jenner] costumes for Halloween."
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What vacation spot did you enjoy visiting over the summer?

Victoria Dickson
personal trainer | Old City
"Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan. It's restorative. You can stay at the Grand Hotel. It's very expensive, but worth the money. They have a croquet court, pool and afternoon tea, every day. From there, I'd suggest a trip to Harbor Springs. You can go skydiving, boating, golfing, tennis. Any type of outdoor activity, you can find there."

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Should trans folks be allowed to change the gender on their birth certificate prior to gender-reassignment surgery?

Ara Brancamp
social worker | Queen Village
"Yes. It's nobody's business what genitals you have. You should be able to identify as the gender of your choice, regardless of your anatomy. I think the opposition is either due to mean-spiritedness or lack of education."
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Should Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane resign?

Kate Collins
financial analyst | Society Hill
"No. Somebody has to do the job, and she seems determined to do it. Of course, if she's found guilty, she'll have to leave. But meanwhile, she should continue doing the job she was elected to do."
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Do you think the pope will meet with a local LGBT contingent?

Ryan Landes
bartender | Queen Village
"No, I really don't think so. I don't think his schedule will permit it. And he doesn't need the publicity. It's not something he needs to do. Two-million Catholics are coming out to see him in Philly. He doesn't need an LGBT following."
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