Street Talk

Should '19 Kids and Counting' remain off the air?

Fernando Arias
medical researcher | Queen Village
"Yes. It's outrageous how Jim Bob and Michelle are coaching their daughters to act like [their molestation] is no big deal. Keeping that show on the air would give the appearance that TLC is condoning child molestation. That's dangerous for young people."

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Should billboards promoting conversion therapy be allowed?

Niek Herveaux
officer administrator | North Philadelphia
"No. That would be false advertising. Conversion therapy is fraudulent. It doesn't work. People don't change their sexual orientation like that. It's particularly damaging if forced on children, who don't have any say in the matter."

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Is mainstream TV ready for a "Gay Bachelor" show?

Rachel Long
specifications consultant | Radnor
"Yes, there would be plenty of commercial sponsors. But I'm just not sure if it would have a sustained viewership. The gay community is very engaged in national life. I would hope that gay people would watch the show and support it."
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Do the election results show that Philadelphia is LGBT-friendly?

Christopher Clark
landscaper | Valley Township
"No. The city should have LGBT representa-tion on City Council. It's moving in the right direction but it's not quite there yet. City Council should reflect the diversity of Philly. Then you can say all segments of the population are truly represented."
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What should be an LGBT priority for Democratic mayoral nominee Jim Kenney?

Andrew DeBona
valet | Frankford
"Turn the vacant Boy Scouts building into an LGBT social-services center. Let it house a youth shelter, since homelessness among LGBT youth is prevalent. There should also be a substance-abuse program in the building. Everyone deserves to be happy. Why not convert that building into something useful for the LGBT community? They were excluded from it for so long."
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Will a transgender woman be able to get pregnant someday?

Jonathan Delgado
dancer | South Philadelphia
"No, I really don't think so. I don't see it being feasible, biologically. Trying something like that might be dangerous to the person, and [to] the fetus. If they could find a way to do it in a safe manner, I'd be all for it."
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