Street Talk

Will you watch "I Am Cait"?

Aracely Alicea
retail manager | Northeast Philadelphia
"Yes. I find Caitlyn Jenner's transition very interesting. I'd like to see how she's coping with it, and how her family is coping with it. But I hope the Kardashian clan doesn't dominate the show. It should be about Caitlyn and her transition."
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Will marriage equality help or hurt the push for an LGBT civil-rights bill?

Blair Ago
website director | Fishtown
"Temporarily, there will be a backlash that will hurt. Of course, some politicians will be vin-dictive, but the ultimate outcome will be accept-ance. You can't tell people who they can or cannot love. We'll have a national LGBT civil-rights law within the next few years."
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What lesbian should be on the new $10 bill?

Mark A. Davis
mental-health activist | Queen Village
"Barbara Gittings. As a pioneer, she did something great for our communities by challenging the American Psychiatric Association to eliminate homosexuality as a mental disorder. I shall forever try to follow in her footsteps."
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What's your opinion of Obama's White House heckler?

Paul Ducharme
bartender | Washington Square
"I think it's to be expected. As a political figure, you have to have thick skin. As long as the heckling has a political message and isn't a personal attack, it's OK. But Obama saying 'This is my house' was unfortunate. It's the people's house."
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Should '19 Kids and Counting' remain off the air?

Fernando Arias
medical researcher | Queen Village
"Yes. It's outrageous how Jim Bob and Michelle are coaching their daughters to act like [their molestation] is no big deal. Keeping that show on the air would give the appearance that TLC is condoning child molestation. That's dangerous for young people."

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Should billboards promoting conversion therapy be allowed?

Niek Herveaux
officer administrator | North Philadelphia
"No. That would be false advertising. Conversion therapy is fraudulent. It doesn't work. People don't change their sexual orientation like that. It's particularly damaging if forced on children, who don't have any say in the matter."

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Is mainstream TV ready for a "Gay Bachelor" show?

Rachel Long
specifications consultant | Radnor
"Yes, there would be plenty of commercial sponsors. But I'm just not sure if it would have a sustained viewership. The gay community is very engaged in national life. I would hope that gay people would watch the show and support it."
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Do the election results show that Philadelphia is LGBT-friendly?

Christopher Clark
landscaper | Valley Township
"No. The city should have LGBT representa-tion on City Council. It's moving in the right direction but it's not quite there yet. City Council should reflect the diversity of Philly. Then you can say all segments of the population are truly represented."
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