Sorry I'm Just Human


9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Saturday, February 22


Underground Arts Black Box, 1200 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA 19108


Sorry I'm Just Human is queer performance art that uses original, bass driven, sex inspiring music and unapologeticly ferocious dance to discuss our world today. What would the world be like if we didnt see race, gender or sexual orientation? SIJH inspires people to see each other as we are.... human.
Picture It: Sebastian and crew dim the lights, lace up those 4 inch leather boots and unveil their luscious locks to entertain, inspire and question. You are guaranteed to trip the light fantastic and metaphorically trip balls from all of this entertainment. Unlike many popular queer shows in Philadelphia SIJH contains but is not limited to elements of drag. Sebastian has spent the past 365 days composing, producing, writing and recording music that speaks to a lifetime of being gay in America and merely wants to share this with the Philadelphia area.
The production is not just limited to one man’s view. Sebastian enlisted his 7 dancers to help tell their individual stories; what it means to be a Mexican American, what it is to find yourself in ball culture and so forth. Sebastian also surveyed over 200 Philadelphians to find out their deepest fears and thoughts on life and has gathered what makes each of these people human and share it with you the only way he knows how. As if that weren’t enough, on display before the performance begins will be an exhibit… of sorts. Sebastian has spent the past few months asking individuals to bare the ins and outs of their life as well as bare their bodies in an effort to spread a message; take ownership over your thoughts, your beliefs, your body, your past, your future and do not be ashamed.

Opening act: Corner Queens of Corner Queens Cabaret