Anna Crusis Women's Choir Spring Concert - Beauty Unmasked: Songs of Strength, Wisdom and the Beauty Inside


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Sunday, June 8


Trinity Episcopal Church, 301 N Chester Rd, Swarthmore, PA 19081
Swarthmore train is an easy walk to the church.


Anna Crusis Women’s Choir has been singing for social change for almost 40 years. Founded by Dr. Catherine Roma in 1975, it was a “feminism meets bicentennial” collision. Concerned about the lack of a female presence in Philadelphia’s vocal community, Cathy created a choir where gay and straight women could find their voices and sing music by, for and about women. The group has been performing ever since.

With a repertoire that ranges from classic and contemporary women’s choral music to world-beat, soulful folk ballads and rockin’ pop tunes, ANNA sings with heart, energy and passion.  “We are excited about programming this concert with songs that touch our inner spirit, that connect us to our bravery and our compassion, songs that promote self-acceptance and reliance,” says Artistic Director Miriam Davidson.


$20.00 Pride Weekend Special - use discount count 'pride' for 20% off. Tickets available on our website.