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by Mark Segal
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Most likely, if you’re a regular reader of PGN, as you’re looking through the pages of this paper today you haven’t noticed any changes. And that would be correct, and something that, as publisher, I’m very proud of. Proud of the PGN staff I am.

At the helm of every editorial department is the editor. It is her or his job to keep a paper rolling, no matter what. Aside from the daily grind that includes changes in staff, promotions, special features and breaking news, in the last three weeks PGN has been through a change of editors and, in good humor, we’ve watched as everything that could be tossed her way was.

Add to that, our advertising department has been doing a bang-up job, which is why you have a larger newspaper to read — 88 pages. And that means the graphics department has a lot more work to do, which adds to distribution. I think you get the idea: This ship runs on a sea of schedules and harmony. But, that only works if you have a staff that enjoys their work and appreciates their community. Both of these ideas are key to working at PGN.

My reason for writing this is to express my appreciation for the staff at PGN for going through a monumental change at an inopportune moment. October is one of our busiest times of the year. Think of it as the social hub of the fall. OutFest, Indigo Ball, Best of Gay Philadelphia, the LGBT History Project — which we coordinate for 29 newspapers and many websites — fundraisers, elections and so much more. And we have gone through all of that with a steady flow.

This is a testament to a highly professional staff. They did most of this with the partial attention of their publisher, who was running around working on the LGBT-friendly senior-living facility.

So, today as I write this, I am a proud publisher! The PGN staff has given me, and this community, the opportunity to allow me time to work on an issue that has long been overlooked — affordable living in an LGBT-friendly and embracing way for our seniors.

Over the next few months, we’ll watch and witness what every editor does: Make changes to bring about a better product for the community. It’s an opportunity that we embrace, and if you have suggestions, bring them forward. This will be a slow process and one that, if we do our job correctly, you’ll hardly notice until one day you say to yourself, “This is a great feature. Why didn’t they do this before?”

Don’t expect anything for a few months since we’re still getting our bearings. But, in what has been a banner year for this community and this newspaper, I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation for a team that is a pleasure to work with each day. While literally anything can happen, and most likely will, we will make it work. Thank you, team.

Mark Segal, PGN publisher, is the nation’s most-award-winning commentator in LGBT media. He can be reached at

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