Paw Prints
Is your dog slowing down?
Does your dog appear to be slowing down? Maybe not playing or running as robustly as he or she once did? It may be due to a common joint problem that also affects people: Your dog or cat may be suf...
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Cognitive dysfunction syndrome: The Alzheimer’s of aging pets
Pet owners are having the opportunity to have their companions live longer lives with advances in medicine and more preventive-care monitoring. With longer lives come some health conditions that so...
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Diagnostic imaging in companion animals
Veterinary medicine has come a long way in its ability to diagnose and treat disease in our companion animals, and the diagnostic tools we have available to us have come a long way as well. In addi...
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Winter hazards for pets
Here we are fresh off the holidays, and winter has made its presence known. There has been lots of information and tips for people to keep safe in cold weather but we also need to remember our pets...
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The heart of the matter: Cardiac disease in companion animals
by Nicholle R. Hommel, VMD
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Cardiovascular disease is an all-too-common condition in our companion animals. As many as 10 percent of adult dogs and cats have underlying cardiac issues, and this increases to 20-30 percent as t...
Keeping the joy in the holidays for our pets
by Dr. Stephen Meister
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It’s that time of the year, where families gather together to celebrate the fall and winter holidays. And of course, this includes our four-legged family as well! But, we need to remember that ther...
Eliminating the odor
by Dr. Stephen Meister
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Yuck, he has dog breath. How often have you heard that expression? Dogs and cats can both suffer the effects of halitosis, such as exclusion from their human partners, but what is concerning is the...
Helping your dog stand on its own four legs
by Dr. David McCrork, VMD
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Behavior problems in dogs and cats are quite common and continue to be a significant cause of nonmedical-related euthanasia of pets. Most behavior problems are caused by a combination of inherited ...
Weight management in companion animals
by Dr. Nicholle R. Hommel, VMD
Jul 18, 2013 | 0 0 comments | 55 55 recommendations | email to a friend
The season of fun and fitness is upon us. As we start to get out and get moving, it is a good time to think about healthy weight for not only ourselves, but also for our canine and feline friends. ...