Spotlight on: BG Productions

Our search for the right wedding photographers came to a quick end as soon as we met with BG Productions.

Spotlight on: BG Productions

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Our search for the right wedding photographers came to a quick end as soon as we met with BG Productions.

The BG team — consisting of husband/wife duo Al Green and Cathie Berrey-Green (the latter of whom is a former employee of The Attic Youth Center) — pride themselves on producing work that truly embodies the individual spirit of each of their subjects, while producing meaningful relationships with those clients to further that aim.

The couple married in 2007 and three months later joined their talents to form BG, incorporating in 2009. Cathie is usually behind the camera lens while Al takes the video, and their business runs the gamut from weddings to lifestyle events, such as family shoots or pet portraits, as well as corporate photo and video. 

My partner and I happened upon them through a list of local LGBT-friendly wedding photographers and were immediately taken by their values, stated plainly in their online company bio: “We strongly believe in being as green and socially responsible as possible and take steps daily to continue that process. We also do not discriminate against any couple wishing to be married; this is a right all folks should have. Love is a basic human right!”

Their support isn’t just in word only: The couple declines to work with any business or individual that discriminates against LGBT people, regularly blogs about marriage-equality developments, have photographed a wealth of same-sex unions, were on hand to celebrate Pennsylvania’s marriage-equality ruling at Philadelphia City Hall and support local LGBT groups like The Attic.

While we were initially hooked by BG’s genuine LGBT-friendliness, their work, which they describe as having a photojournalistic style, really caught our attention. Their body of wedding work isn’t just posed photo after posed photo; while the duo takes the requisite formal family shots, they try to catch the couple and their guests as candidly and creatively as possible, and that sometimes means one of them is standing on a chair or laying on the floor to get the perfect moment from the perfect angle. (At our engagement shoot, they traversed the rocky riverside and sprawled across a gravel bridge to catch the best shots.) 

When it came to picking products, BG offers custom-built packages. We were initially a bit overwhelmed by the number of choices that can go into creating a wedding photo package, but Cathie and Al worked with us to explain all the pros and cons of each decision and to help us make choices based solely on our own tastes.

What really solidified our choice, however, was the fact that the BG owners develop more than just a professional relationship with their clients. For our initial meeting, they hosted us in their home and got to know us as a couple, not just as potential clients. When we signed on as clients, they sent us a beautifully crafted (and very green) welcome package. They host an annual open-house client-appreciation party for all their clients, and keep up with former clients throughout their life events.

Taking the added step to get to truly know their clients helps their couples feel at ease when the camera’s on and allows BG to get the most natural shots. With a wedding day being so hectic, we’re looking forward to working with a duo whose talents we know we can trust.

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