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Like many sappy, wine-loving, passion-exercising adults, I was once that over-imaginative kid who enjoyed the secret kink pleasure of reading racy romance novels behind my textbooks in math class … English teachers giving me that knowing look and silently consenting me to openly reading them because they’d read them just as

Last year, my school had the pleasure of hosting its first LGBT dance in celebration of Valentine’s Day. This year we are proud to continue what I personally hope will be a yearly tradition, and perhaps my parting legacy to my school, as it was my original idea. However, that said, I would never have been able to accomplish any of these

Act I

(Two girls sit in the back of a classroom during class. One, Maura — 17, beautiful, stylish, angel-faced, with a bad reputation — sits at a desk. The other, Mary — 16, quiet, soft-spoken, drab — sits at a desk)

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