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Amy leaves work early, on a mission to once and for all fulfill her deep suspicion of her husband cheating on her. Several months earlier, Amy and Ted had a threesome with Amy’s longtime friend and college roommate, Zeana, to satisfy Ted’s desire of another woman, as well as Amy’s. After a few bitter months of failed “sharing,” exclusion, sexual ping pong on both parts and dangerous jealousy threatening to end the marriage, Ted forbid Amy from ever seeing Zeana again due to insecurities that she would run off, becoming a lesbian, and they agreed to close the “Triad” and keep their marriage a fully committed, straight, monogamous relationship, devout to honoring each other.

Sit back and think for a minute. Besides walking across stage (and shaking hands with your principal for what will probably be the last time in a while) and finally getting your hands on that long-awaited diploma you’ve worked so hard for, what else do most teens look forward to once they step foot in high school? From deciding on color schemes, to which IHOP is closest to crash, they’re probably excited to be getting ready for one of the most memorable nights of their teenage existence … prom!

Recently, the actor Russell Tovey, star of HBO’s “Looking,” drew some criticism for comments that were construed as being phobic toward effeminate gay men. They weren’t. All he basically said was that he could have ended up effeminate but he’s glad he didn’t, which makes sense when you think: A. Growing up in the 1980s and ’90s and hearing about the AIDS crisis must have bred a surge of homophobia; B. From interviews, it seems like his father hasn’t always been the most forward with gay acceptance; and C. His “butchness” has probably been able to land him more roles in his career and enabled him to be adaptable to many parts. And yet, people are branding him the worst gay ever (hello, Log Cabin Republicans, anyone?) after one “inarticulate quote” — and come on, who hasn’t had one of those?

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