Engagement: Rebecca Smith and Lindey Campagne

Engagement: Rebecca Smith and Lindey Campagne

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Rebecca Smith hails from Georgia. Lindey Campagne comes from Ohio. They met in North Carolina. And they got engaged in Philadelphia.

The couple’s multi-state romance began when they met as juniors at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. They became a couple a little over a year-and-a-half ago.

After graduation, Smith and Campagne, both 23, packed up and moved up north. Campagne is heading to optometry school in the fall, while Smith is applying for physician-assistant programs.

Both work as medical scribes in Aria’s emergency room and live in Northeast Philadelphia.

“We both made a commitment to each other,” Campagne said. “We decided to leave behind everything we had in North Carolina, leave our families where they are and just start a new life here with each other in Philadelphia.”

“We’ve made friends and built community through our work, but it’s really just the two of us,” Smith said.

The two of them, plus their dogs — a 2-year-old Siberian husky, Luna, who came with them from North Carolina, and a 1-year-old border collie, Elsie, whom they got this past fall as company for their first dog.

The couple said much of their time is spent working but they try to explore their new city when they can.

Around Christmas, they were eager to take in the city’s holiday offerings and got tickets to the Philly POPS! holiday show on Dec. 17. Campagne made Smith one of her favorite meals before they left and then presented her with an early Christmas gift.

“She’s an artist and was making me a painting for Christmas and she said, ‘Before we go, I finished your painting; do you want to see it?’” Smith said. “So I said yes and on the painting it said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I said yes of course.”

The proposal wasn’t a complete surprise, as they had talked about an engagement before and both wanted to wear engagement rings.

“I knew it was coming and had gotten her a ring just to be ready,” Smith laughed. “After she asked me, I said, ‘Oh, here’s your ring!’”

The couple is in the early stages of wedding planning. Campagne has family in Ohio, while Smith’s family is largely in New Jersey and Georgia. They decided to have the wedding in the state in which they met, North Carolina, on Wake Forest’s campus, officiated by one of their former professors. 

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