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Two years ago, I received an email from an administrator within the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine asking me to meet with some educators from the Mütter Museum. There were no specifics, just a request to go across town to the College of Physicians as a representative of the Penn Med LGBT People in Medicine student group. I said yes, unsure of what to expect, and hoped that they might let me wander the museum’s incredible exhibits as a perk.

Most of the time, when youth come out or are about to, there’s a singular feeling that can plague them: loneliness. It may feel like a place of community and understanding are a distance off — regardless if your family and friends are accepting or not. However, people within these LGBT groups and organizations have met people, been with people through literally all walks of life, so you would never feel alone and you can always have someone to talk to, even if you don’t know them that well. I love my friends in school with all my heart, but it’s nice to be able to have friends and allies who have been able to walk similar paths to mine, in addition to being able to see new perspectives that maybe I wasn’t exposed to before.

Like smoking, drinking and gambling, it seems as if we as a society cannot come to a clear consensus upon our vices, for better or worse. Among the most controversial topics even among the most liberal is prostitution, an industry so laced with negativity that its very name brings thoughts of crime and scandal. However, is every form of prostitution necessarily bad?

Traditionally, a drag queen is nothing more than a man who dresses as a woman for the art of theater. Drag is a creative outlet for those who perform and entertainment for those in attendance. Drag isn’t what it used to be. Now drag has categories like fish, pageant, camp, shock, fashion, glamour, club, etc. But what do you call a transgender woman who performs drag?

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