Ode to our four-legged friends

Ode to our four-legged friends

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A lot of times, reporting news can be a heavy task.

Here at PGN, we cover murders, political wrangling, cases of discrimination … while it is our duty to bring our readers the happenings in our community, reporting on such instances can be wearing. So when we get the opportunity to delve into a community topic that is heartening and heartwarming, we jump at the chance — which we did this week with our annual Pet Issue. 

We can all likely conjure up fuzzy memories about a pet at some point in our lives — from childhood nostalgia involving a first dog, or that cat that curled up next to you through tough times. Pet ownership is a thread that runs through, and of course outside, our community; that universality is what made putting this special section together so enjoyable for our staff.

Our community is as diverse as any, but, perhaps more so than our communities, we value and appreciate the connections we have with our animals. Pets are a ubiquitous presence at community functions like Pride and OutFest, LGBTs are frequent and loyal supports of rescue and adoption agencies and it’s hard to take a stroll through the Gayborhood without seeing community members out and about with their pets.

In a time when political divisions run deep, nightly news seems to be gloomier by the day and social media is rife with negativity, taking a moment to sit back and appreciate the role animals play in our lives, and the role we play in theirs, is refreshing. We got to speak with someone who works daily to rehab animals who’ve faced abuse and neglect; another who trains dogs, providing a needed service to keep animals in their homes; and still another who takes photos of ailing pets to give their owners solace.

It was inspiring to see people who recognize what animals bring to our lives, and who are using their own talents to give something back — a lesson that can be applied on a broad scale, to bring about myriad results. 

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