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Whether you’re single, partnered, married or in the “it’s complicated” stage, there is plenty to do out and about in the Philly area for Valentine’s Day weekend.

With its many definitions, “touching” aptly describes the next gallery offering at CRUXspace, 700 Master St. “Tasteful Yet Biting” is also the first show for CRUXspace made up entirely of LGBT artists who were selected from Philadelphia and New York. Works were chosen based upon a broad cross-section of concepts including emotion, evocation, physicality and experimentation.

Sometimes the best way to celebrate love is a nice dinner, a card, a small gift, some champagne and candlelight — and sometimes, it’s all of those and a getaway for the night. Face it: Even when the sweetheart pseudo-holiday isn’t in play, it’s nice to step back from the snow and gray and routine and change your view.

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