13th Street Cocktails causing a stir at weddings

13th Street Cocktails causing a stir at weddings

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“Most people really don’t know how to buy booze for their wedding,” Aaron Gordon, owner and ‘spirit guide’ of 13th Street Cocktails, said.

That’s probably why a lot of weddings and other events retain the services of the company, which brings its stylized mobile cocktail bar on wheels to weddings and other events.

“Our company does a lot of weddings and we’re pretty much booked every weekend,” Gordon said. “We do fancy cocktail bars and restaurant-quality service. We’ve seen everything. When people are stocking bars for their weddings, they almost get into wanting to be a restaurant and have every option. No, have a cocktail list and a few other mixers for the odd cocktail.”  

Gordon said his wedding philosophy is that you should have a few unique and exciting cocktails on tap and ready to go instead of bringing out an arsenal of different liquors. 

“A lot of people that are getting married don’t even know what to buy,” he said. “It’s about understanding what your guests will drink. You can have a specialty cocktail at a wedding and serve 150 people where everything is fully batched in a punchbowl service, which has been a really cool trend. Another thing that we do is cocktails on draft, which services everybody really quick you can make drinks in three seconds.”

For more information on 13th Street Cocktails, visit www.13thstreetcocktails.com

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