PGN Special Edition Coverage

If ever there was a daunting task lurking along the back walls of the PGN office, this was the year it materialized. Six huge drawers containing tens of thousands of photos from across the decades reside just behind my desk. Many of the pictures saw publication and then were filed away, never to see the light of day again.

“With the publication of the first issue of the Philadelphia Gay News, a whole new dimension has been added to Philly’s gay community and, in fact, to the city’s publishing industry in general,” PGN’s then-editor and co-owner John Keith Clark wrote in the paper’s inaugural Jan. 3, 1976, edition.

Throughout PGN’s 40 years, our pages have carried countless obituaries on members of our community. As a community newspaper, we have remained committed to offering this service free of charge to our readers, to help them share the news and to memorialize the life of their loved one. Occasionally, we have had to report on the loss of some of our own staff members. Here are a few of the PGN employees who left their mark on us.

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