PGN Special Edition Coverage

Office sought: U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania

Party: Democrat

McGinty is a Northeast Philadelphia native who earned a law degree from Columbia Law School and went on to serve as a White House advisor on environmental issues under then-President Bill Clinton. She served as secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and later chief of staff to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf.


Office sought: U.S. Representative for the Seventh District

Party: Democrat

A native of the Seventh District, Balchunis taught political science at La Salle University for more than two decades, and is the former executive director of The Resource Center for Human Services and assistant to the mayor. She is vying to diversify Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation, which is currently comprised of all men. For more information, visit

Office sought: Pennsylvania Attorney General

Party: Democrat

Shapiro is the chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, on which he has sat since 2012. Previously, he represented the 153rd District in the state House of Representatives. For more information, visit

Office sought: Pennsylvania Treasurer

Party: Democrat

Torsella, a Montgomery County resident, said he would bring his local, state and international experience as a fiscal watchdog to the Treasurer’s Office. He served as deputy mayor for policy and planning under Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell in the early 1990s, founding president and CEO of the National Constitution Center, chair of the State Board of Education and, from 2011-14, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations for Management and Reform. For more information, visit

Office sought: Pennsylvania Auditor General

Party: Democrat

Auditor General DePasquale is pursuing a second term as the state’s top fiscal watchdog, a position he has held since 2013. He represented the 95th District in the state House of Representatives from 2007-13. For more information, visit

Chelsea Clinton took a break from addressing female and Millennial voters Oct. 14 in Pittsburgh for a phone call with PGN. She talked about her time in Pennsylvania — an increasingly important swing state in the race that pits her mother, Democrat Hillary Clinton, against Republican Donald Trump.

“We’re continuing to make the case about what’s really at stake in this election,” Clinton said. “I firmly believe if we keep talking about what’s at stake that we will win on Nov. 8.”

Below is a transcript of her conversation with PGN. It has been lightly edited.

The differences between two major-party candidates for president have perhaps never been as stark as they are in the 2016 election. When it comes to experience, temperament, outlook and adherence to basic norms of civility, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could not be further from one another. Trump’s pervasive insistence on eschewing human decency may make Clinton the no-brainer choice for a progressive publication, but PGN is endorsing Clinton because of her qualifications, not because of Trump’s lack of them.

PGN reached out to the Democratic and Republican candidates for president, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, to discuss LGBT issues in advance of next month’s election. Clinton provided PGN this exclusive op-ed detailing her LGBT-rights record and her goals for future LGBT-equality efforts. The offer remains open for Trump.

This is the first time a major-party presidential candidate has written an op-ed for an LGBT newspaper. As such, this piece will kick off our annual LGBT History Month Project coverage, which will run weekly through the end of October.

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