Wedding: LV and Patrice Wise-Brown

Wedding: LV and Patrice Wise-Brown

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Patrice Wise-Brown met her wife, LV Wise-Brown, on what she described as a “booty call website” — where she said couples do not typically look for love.

The 42-year-old said she created a profile and since she was feeling down, decided to check out who was online.

“I saw [LV’s profile] and I sent her a message. She sent one back and then we called each other. We were on the phone from 10 p.m. to 7 in the morning,” Patrice said.

“We just like to talk and from that, it turned into that lengthy conversation,” LV, 38, added.

During this 2012 conversation, the two realized they had a love for the entertainment industry and other common interests. Additionally, they realized their birthdays were close together, with Patrice’s birthday on Oct. 7 and LV’s birthday on Oct. 15, meaning they are both Libras.

“We started talking about [questions such as], ‘Are you a lazy Libra? Do you make friends? Are you friendly and outgoing? Do you like to be the life of the party?’ And then we realized we are Libras to a T,” LV said.

From this revelation, the couple formed a company called Two Libras, LLC, which can be found at Through the business, the wives orchestrate beauty workshops and prom and back-to-school drives. They plan to expand the company to include tutoring, scholarships and other outreach initiatives.

LV said she heard the John Legend song “Bliss” when she first realized her feelings for Patrice.

“I’m ‘in bliss’ with this woman,” LV said of her realization. “I’m in love with her. I want this to last.”

While Patrice said she proclaimed love to others prior to LV, she said they “felt all the same.”

“I met LV and I realized that this is the person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life,” Patrice said. “The love felt very different. When I talk about it, I get goosebumps. I never felt a love like this.”

Initially, LV said she was a little resistant to getting married, noting she wanted to be a “player” until she was 45.

“I didn’t think that anyone could get me to where she got me to,” LV said.

Patrice also said she did not envision marriage right away when she met LV.

“When I fell in love with her, that’s when I wanted to marry her,” Patrice said. “This may sound corny but it felt really magical. It felt like I had fireworks bursting in the inside and they made me feel really good.”

Their June 11 wedding had a “Great Gatsby” theme, which they described as “extravagant.”

“People were like, ‘You’re going to have an anniversary party? Please tell me you’re going to have an anniversary party,’” LV said, noting the couple plans to have an equally large-scale five-year-anniversary party.

When it comes to their relationship, they both note how the other is “selfless.”

“I’m not saying that I’m a hard person to deal with but I’m a hard person to deal with,” Patrice said with a laugh. “She’s very patient and she makes me better.”

“She takes on a lot of people’s energy and whenever they’re feeling down or just can’t take it, they call her,” LV said. “She could be doing her own thing but she will push it aside. I like that she’s caring and nurturing and can talk to a total stranger like she’s known them for years.”

While LV said “hard work, dedication, communication and compromise” are important for any relationship, she also highlights what people think of her and Patrice.

“You know how people say #RelationshipGoals, #Love and #LoveRules?” LV said. “People look to us for that.”

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