The Rrazz Room makes some moves

The Rrazz Room makes some moves

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The Rrazz Room, one of the newer additions to the nightlife scene in New Hope, has recently returned to its original location. 

The operation is back at the Clarion Hotel, which bought and rebranded the former Ramada and Rodeway Inn.  

The live-music venue and performance space had quickly made a name for itself in Bucks County, hosting artists from a wide range of genres and styles — from Broadway and big-band singers to jazz, rock, pop and R&B artists and groups.

Robert Kotonly, co-owner of The Rrazz Room, which also has locations in Philadelphia, Miami and Boca Raton, said the venue has had to move twice since establishing itself in New Hope to keep up with the vision he’s had for top-notch entertainment and service.

It opened its doors in November 2013 at the Ramada, where, Kotonly said, there were some issues with service and kitchen capacity, prompting the Rrazz Room to head to The Raven. 

“The Raven was purchased by a new owner and they asked us to go over there,” Kotonly explained. “We had no problem with The Raven; we were supposed to get a bigger room there that they were building and they ceased plans for that. It’s a very, very tight space. For the type of artists we wanted to bring in, it was very challenging. The new owner of the Clarion called us over and said, ‘We want you back.’ There’s a new chef and restaurant now, called Bonfire. So far, the service has been great. When we came over here, we brought the crème de la crème of our servers as well. It’s a new day. It’s a new chapter. Of course, the entertainment will remain strong but now the food and the service are of equal quality.”

Kotonly said recent upgrades to the hotel will ideally make it more of a hot spot for locals and visitors looking for a place to relax and be entertained.     

“Since the renovation, it just looks fresh and new. The hotel would love to become a destination where people just like to go [for a] night out,” he said, noting the venue’s food, service, friendly atmosphere and entertainment all combine to make it such a spot. “That’s the kind of place that we are and that we are securing even more so with this new talent that we have brought on board since we’ve been back at the Clarion. For a while it was inconsistent but now there is a constant consistency that we feel proud about.”

For more information about The Rrazz Room and its upcoming spring/summer entertainment schedule, visit

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