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It’s not a feeling I’d let myself get used to — that sense of relief and belonging. I want to savor it, so I can’t use it all at once. There’s something sour about the words “positive trans experience,” almost as though having good experiences with trans people is something meant to be scarce. It’s not, or it’s not supposed to be, but sometimes those brief moments when you’re in a solely, or mostly, trans space, it feels happy. There’s nothing inherently wrong with other spaces, like those with family, it’s just ... different. A different kind of happy.

 In December 2017, despite the online backlash and urging against it, the FCC, under the leadership of Ajit Pai (himself a former lawyer for Verizon,) voted to disband the net neutrality rules. Some readers might be under the impression that since then, we’ve been fine without net neutrality. In fact, net neutrality does not fully start to come apart until April 23, and with it, the protections that net neutrality provides.

 Suicide attempt,  I presume they assumed.

The fifth-floor drop resulted in two fractured shoulders, a shattered pelvis, several broken bones in the spine, and a nasty foot-long gash running along the left bicep. The appeal to stop my screaming was stronger than the appeal to determine the motivation behind the action. Hence, the narcotic sedation that rendered me mostly silent.

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