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Weekends away can be fun, spontaneous and casual, but many times a getaway is for a special occasion: an anniversary, an engagement, a birthday. They don’t have to be so extravagant that they include airfare and a passport, but they can be extravagant locally without breaking the bank.

It’s been said that New Hope has more ghosts and spirits per square foot than any other town in the country. At times, it seems that you can’t walk through a doorway without hearing a ghost tale. People are practically dying to tell you one. If you take one of the Ghost Tours of New Hope (, you’ll hear several. There’s quite the variety of ghosts in this town. They are painters, hitchhikers, children and Revolutionary War-era men and soldiers. Let’s rewind. 

In an innovative project that will increase access to health care for our clients, ActionAIDS will team with the Family Practice and Counseling Network to provide health care at our West Philadelphia office, 3901 Market St. Starting in January, this project marks the first time in ActionAIDS’ history that health-care services are provided to clients on site at one of our offices.

We are right in the middle of the holiday season and instead of feelings of joy and good tidings, you might be feeling down, overwhelmed and lonely. Check out these de-stressors to melt away anxiety and warm up to enjoy this holiday season.

You may have heard the word “PrEP” floating around in conversation lately. You heard it is a drug that can “prevent HIV,” but you’re not sure you believe that. People say they can take the pill and have unprotected sex, worry-free. It would appear as if PrEP were a miracle drug for the gay community but it has just as

Just a little over a year ago, the ActionAIDS board of directors amended our mission statement to explicitly include our commitment to “creating an AIDS-free generation through a combination of proven strategies.” On World AIDS Day 2014, with its official theme of Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-free Generation, we can’t think of a better time to explain our focus, how we partner and what we’re achieving to create an AIDS-free generation.  Our focus on proven strategies

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