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From the Liberty Bell to Independence Hall, Philadelphia is known for its historic sites. But, just a few hours away is another locale that also played an integral role in our country’s evolution — and it offers travelers much more than a history lesson.

The summer season is upon us once again and musical performers of every stripe and style of music are gearing up to hit the road to soak in the adoration of the masses.

Among the throngs of bands and performers competing for your concert dollars are a number of queer, queer-ish and queer-friendly artists. With so much talent abounding, we put together a list of shows with LGBT interest, to help you plan your summer concert calendar.

Summer is (almost) upon us, and what better way to enjoy the warm temps than by hitting up some of our region’s outdoor offerings? From the artsy to the boozy to the creative, the events coming down the local pike will have you soaking up the rays while soaking in a bit of culture, community-building and, of course, fun.

I’ve been a Philadelphian all my life and am steadfast in my desire to keep my domicile in the City of Brotherly Love. But, as I was packing to leave my honeymoon last month, I truly was convinced that I could — and should — become an Aruban. That’s how at home my new wife and I felt at Divi Phoenix Aruba.

From leisure to luxury, from activities to amenities or from solitude to socializing, travelers want different things out of their vacations. With five properties — the largest collection of resorts on the island of Aruba — Divi Resorts understands that need for diversity.

When I was first asked to attend an LGBT media trip in Columbus, OH, I was skeptical that it would be worth my while. When I thought of places to get away from Philadelphia for a long weekend, the Midwest didn’t exactly jump to mind. In fact, I wasn’t even sure where Columbus was, let alone what there was to do there. Did gay people even live there?

Aruba’s moniker is “one happy island” — and the Caribbean island more than lives up to that name.

Perhaps it’s the weather, perhaps it’s the setting, but whatever makes the fine people who live on Aruba as good-spirited as they are, we want to import some of it to the East Coast.

This summer, it seems like anybody who had a hit record in the last 50 years and who is still able to hold a microphone is going out on the road — to the delight of their adoring fans, who are ready to pack themselves into clubs, amphitheaters, arenas and stadiums all over town.

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