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Even though same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide, there are still some significant differences in wedding-planning for same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. From figuring out how to put unique spins on wedding traditions to finding LGBT-friendly vendors, same-sex couples may have more on their wedding to-do lists than other couples. 

Here’s a quick guide for brides- and grooms-to-be of the online planning resources to help you walk through the planning process before you walk down the aisle.


LGBT Philadelphia around the time of the first Annual Reminder Day in 1965 was a far cry from the rainbow crosswalks, Pride parades and general outness of the community today.

William Way LGBT Community Center archives curator Bob Skiba helped give PGN an idea of what life was like in the early ’60s and a timeline of important events that led up to the first demonstration in front of Independence Hall.

They came on buses from Washington, D.C., and New York City. They dressed in suits and ties and dresses. They readied cardboard signs that carried messages whose simplicity underscored the journey that lay ahead of them: “Homosexuals should be judged as individuals,” “Gay is good” and “Equal opportunity for all.”

In June, Philadelphia raised its already-sky-high support for the LGBTQ community: The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program unveiled its latest project, “Showing Face,” a series of photograph portraits to appear on billboards across the region and on citywide bus shelters, showcasing the product of a yearlong collaboration among Philadelphia LGBTQ youth and seniors.

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