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The differences between two major-party candidates for president have perhaps never been as stark as they are in the 2016 election. When it comes to experience, temperament, outlook and adherence to basic norms of civility, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could not be further from one another. Trump’s pervasive insistence on eschewing human decency may make Clinton the no-brainer choice for a progressive publication, but PGN is endorsing Clinton because of her qualifications, not because of Trump’s lack of them.

PGN reached out to the Democratic and Republican candidates for president, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, to discuss LGBT issues in advance of next month’s election. Clinton provided PGN this exclusive op-ed detailing her LGBT-rights record and her goals for future LGBT-equality efforts. The offer remains open for Trump.

This is the first time a major-party presidential candidate has written an op-ed for an LGBT newspaper. As such, this piece will kick off our annual LGBT History Month Project coverage, which will run weekly through the end of October.

In November 2015, then-Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter signed a law requiring all new and renovated city buildings to scrap “men’s” and “women’s” bathrooms for gender-neutral bathrooms, a move in line with other major cities across the country such as Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Austin, Texas. Not yet known is to what extent this law has been effectively policed, or the number of $2,000 fines issued for non-compliance.

Two hours before the show, the room inside the William Way LGBT Center looks like any other town hall — one can imagine it hosting a bake sale or Bingo or a Bar Mitzvah reception. Parents set up snacks and baked goods on two long, plastic folding tables. Others set up black folding chairs facing a temporary stage. A woman hooks up DJ equipment next to the small stage, the piano pushed off to the side.

It is no secret that the Internet has captured the minds and souls of millennials. Social media has progressed rapidly, and we struggle to keep up with trends that come and go in mere weeks or days. These platforms such as YouTube have allowed ordinary people to become public figures, who entertain and influence the masses by posting short videos from home showing glimpses of their everyday lives.

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