Josephs off ballot for 182nd race against Sims
by Jen Colletta
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Babette Josephs' attempt to unseat Rep. Brian Sims, who ousted her two years ago, ended this week.

A Commonwealth Court judge ruled Thursday that Josephs did not have enough accurate signatures to qualify her as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for state representative in the 182nd District. Joseph needed 300 signatures from voters to appear on the ballot; she initially submitted 599 and determined 467 of them to be valid. However, 171 more signatures were dismissed this week after it was found that the man who collected that batch for the campaign listed an inaccurate address for himself.

He was going by an address at 12th and Bainbridge streets but is registered elsewhere in the city.

Sims, who is openly gay, defeated Josephs in the 2012 primary, ending her 27-year career as the 182nd District representative. He will now be unchallenged in the May 20 primary.
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April 07, 2014
I wanted to see Brian at least challenged. I will admit that I was a big supporter of Mr. Sims in 2012, because we shared values and ethics and that old grey mare just ain't what she used to be. Now, the more I read about Sims, the more I realize that he is just another machine politician.

But then when Brett Mandel started to spread horrendous rumors about Michael P. Williams, including insinuating he wasn't even really gay, and threatened to have the William Way's non-profit status revoked, I confronted Sims (who is a supporter of his) to tell Mandel to stop, but he didn't even care, he just wanted his boy Brett in there at all costs. Also, I am no Butkovitz fan, but saying that the investigation into the homophobic obscenity in a bathroom was a waste of taxpayer money is horrendous, even if I don't like the individual that was demeaned.

Now, instead of learning to work with his colleagues, he is basically trying to create his own political machine. He said horrendous things about Mark Cohen, even though he's been supporting us since before it was cool to do so, he refuses to support the Philly guy (Brendan Boyle) in the 13th congressional district, and he has been trying to pack Liberty City's board with his supporters.

And don't even get me started on his narcissistic staff!! One of them actually called the police on some African Americans who had just gotten out of some social service organization in the same building his office is in. Most importantly, he doesn't care about us senior citizens, whether its his office staff making fun of us or his absence from the grand opening of the John C. Anderson Apartments. And plus, who hires some young fish straight out of law school as his chief of staff.