Weiss pleads guilty to tax-fraud charges
by Jen Colletta
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Local gay bar owner Michael Weiss pleaded guilty this week to federal tax-fraud charges.

Weiss, co-owner of Woody’s and the president of the board of Voyeur, agreed to a plea deal June 29, one week before his trial was set to begin. He pleaded guilty to corruptly endeavoring to impede the due administration of the tax code and two counts of aiding and abetting the preparation and filing of false tax returns. He will be sentenced this fall and could face 10-16 months in prison.

Weiss was indicted in January by a grand jury, which accused him of underreporting the earnings from the Palmer Social Club, a nonprofit after-hours club on Sixth and Spring Garden streets, on the club’s 2004 and 2005 tax filings by more than $1.6 million. At that time, Weiss served as the principal operating officer of the club and signed its IRS filings.

A former club employee aided in the investigation and told investigators that Weiss used two separate electronic documents when tallying the club’s earnings, one with the correct amount and one with a lesser figure.

As part of the plea deal, the club, which was also named as a defendant in the case, agreed to give up its tax-exempt status, which it has held for more than four decades. The club also consented to file corporate tax returns for 2004-09 and to pay all back taxes, penalties and interest.

Weiss originally pleaded not guilty to the charges in February.

He will be sentenced Oct. 15.

Weiss and his brother Billy co-own the building in which Voyeur is housed, and that club also functions as a nonprofit social club under the moniker Mayfield Social Club.

The brothers purchased Woody’s from its original owner Bill Wood in 2006.

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D S Man
July 19, 2010
I skimmed over these comments and its really interesting how gays seem to make everything so dramatic likes its been the end of the world that this company runs a few clubs in Philly. GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF! Personally I only see them once in a while and I never got this impression. They are very nice hosts and that is their place as bar owners. Their personal business may be interesting but its far from the drama in these comments. Insulting their employees of which you were probably a former member is RETARDED! The industry of hospitality was not invented by these people and maybe PGN gives former employees a place to vent but it was and is common knowledge that bar employees steal so lets keep it real. I am just a patron who goes out and drinks. I dont go to be a politician or worry about what the owner is doing Thats REALLY GAY! I just want them to be nice to me and that is what they are. I would love to argue about some of their employees but I dont need to there are plenty of people who go there and have a good time so the business they do is all the proof anyone needs. Hope you all felt better that you vented your drama and can go back to whatever it was that keeps you so busy LMAO My suggestion is REALLY Try not to be so Gay, it makes the rest of us look bad
July 19, 2010
Michael Weiss pleads guilty. I am still laughing out loud. So, Michael, apparently you could not bribe your way out of this one. How lucky for Billy, no government issued jump suit for him.

As for "testify", I do not know who your Lord is but there is no God that I know of who condones the mocking of murder, suicide or children with special needs. Oh, and doll, people in glass houses should not throw stones.

July 11, 2010
I have a question for testify thy lord.according to you jesus hates the person you are refering to, so jesus punishes people by giving them handicapped children?Oh and by the way that is the term used to describe as you would call them "retards".And anyone who ever spent 1 minute in a church or stumbled on to a religious program on his black and white tv knows jesus does not hate anyonenot even people that you described in your comment.If you cuople this with your poor spelling and lack of punctuation i would guess that you are either a red neck or a muslim .and that would mean you probably work for mr weiss.only muslims or red necks are stupid enough to get shot at for$ 400 a week and on top of that let michael weiss treat you like trash whenever and wherever he feels like.My advise to you sir wouldbe to go get your GED and look into CCD classes then come back and post a comment that would hold true or at least not recieve a failing grade in 4th grade composistion class....MORONS!..................BYE THE WAY I SPELLED A FEW THINGS WRONG AND STOPPED USING PUNCTUATION SO TESTIY COULD WRITE BACK THAT I DID NT KNOW HOW TO SPELL OR WRITE EITHER ,JUST TO KEEP OUR CONVERSATION GOING...I DID NOT WANT TO CONFUSE MOHAHMED WITH PERIODS OR QUESTION MARKS .HE SURE DOES GET FRAZZLED WHEN IT COMES TO THAT BOOK LEARNING STUFF...I HOPE IT HELPED YOU THERE BIGBOY

Fierce Karma
July 10, 2010

However, don't expect to receive such an intelligent response like the one you have provided.

We must constantly remind ourselves when dealing with "THEM" that we are not dealing with people who have or value REASON and their actions make no sense, at best!

"THEY" are a cold hearted operation! Employing nothing but mindless robots who serve and carry out their evil deeds. No love will you find in "THEIR" hearts... Only empty promises filled never ending arrogance, ignorance and greed.

"THEY" single handedly killed nightlife in Philadelphia and rapped communities of its soul. "THEY" tore apart a city that once was united and turned brothers against themselves.

On October 15 PEACE will hopefully find its way back to this place WE call home.

The bigger they are the harder they fall...

Karma is FIERCE!
Dennis Nolan
July 10, 2010
As the score is being recorded for all time —for all to see— it is gratifying that the supporters of the Weiss camp are giving us all a good, solid example of the Weiss aesthetic. These thoughts, replies —albeit unkempt, incoherent and poorly crafted thinking —reference nothing that is fact or anything that was, is and will be addressed during the continuing criminal cases against the Weiss family.

Those who are so far up Michael and Billy Weiss's posterior regions may want to consider some points of interest. Firstly, the person who is being attacked through your sketchy and haphazard rants is no one that I know. Given how many of us went before the IRS, you will find it difficult to attach your libel to one person. The Weiss family has hurt so many people throughout their years in "business". We all have something to contribute, to restore any dignity sold, stolen and dismantled while working for the Weiss family. I suppose that the mitigated sale of our dignity to the Weiss family would qualify as an alleged prostitution ring.

Secondly, the process against Michael Weiss is taking many years and great patience. Any levels of guilt that all of us had while working for the Weiss family was forgiven when we opted for this kind of redemption. It is not with arrogance or exaggerated feelings of self worth that we do any of this. It all centers on dignity reclaimed.

"Testify thy lord" for someone so quick to read a list of improper dealings and doings, attaching your pretend, sanctimonious words and citing many despicable acts as truth, I still find you to be a pitiable person for your specious reasoning, for your loyalty to those who would send you to your end for and your obtuse understanding of the facts as they have been presented.

It is not my purview to plead for your understanding or for me to educate any of you, because the facts against Michael Weiss are impossible to refute, especially when presented in his own handwriting or when viewed as dummy data stored in Michael Weiss's home computer. The attachment is still the same: Michael Weiss.

So, I will not plead to those who are incapable of reason. In this particular area, I will allow Michael Weiss to set the example and do all of the pleading from the confines of a courtroom.

Personal attacks are acts of desperation. This is a forum for clarification related to a well-written and fact-driven news story, not for haughtiness derived from juvenile tactics and libelous demeanor.

Testify thy lord
July 09, 2010
To Nolman. Hopefully may Jesus strike you down and make you suffer. what a minute... He did! You had retarded kids cause of your drugs, you pushed your dingy wife off the roof top and claimed she jumped off herself cause she strung-out. Now that's karma. Jesus hates you for you are a failure and can't accomplish anything in life. A loser that can't even make decent kids, I pity you. You murdered your own wife. Nolman you are no saint... We all know you blacked mailed, abused, drugged-up, leeched, drunk, steal, lie, cheat and killed. You remind me of those crackheads in prison. May the lord have continuous justice on you.
John c
July 09, 2010
Haha yeah ok Dennis nolman. Whats next are you going to say they are running a prostitutes ring, importing drugs from Mexico, killing babies, hurting animals and UFO conspiracies? Get a life. If there is some truth in this And you knew all this and didn't go to the police you are as guilty as them if not more. Something tells me you're not a nice person at all, shady.
Fierce Karma
July 08, 2010
Dennis Nolan
July 06, 2010
Michael Weiss was required to file quarterly tax returns. As a not-for-profit group, Weiss was attempting to skim money from the club earnings through his manipulation of the club numbers. He would purchase a certain amount of alcohol through the company license. He would then purchase three to four times greater quantities of alcohol from other places not using the company license.

Michael Weiss would have the club and his manager, Mohammed Ell-Laisy, sell all of the purchased liquor, both what was purchased using the club name and that which was purchased using other means. When he files the tax returns, citing the liquor sales, he would only report the liquor sales for the liquor purchased using the club's license.

All of the other liquor sales never were recorded for any tax returns. From that, Michael Weiss, Billy Weiss and Barnet Weiss all made millions from liquor sales that were never reported.

It was not an issue about avoiding taxes or paying any fair shares. It was about greed. I am only happy to know that all of the Weiss clubs are now under investigation, including those in San Diego.

I witnessed the entire process, watching Billy Weiss and Barnet Weiss receiving weekly stipends of $3,000 and $5,000, respectively. I have the proof from records that were turned over to the IRS to assist in the investigation.

Michael Weiss has a colorful criminal past both on paper and having been witnessed by many of his associates. His involvement and association with a counterfeiting enterprise, influence peddling, bribery of city officials, forgery and mail fraud are points of interest that will soon be released for the public to know. For all of those naive people who believed him to be genuine, ignorance is no excuse.

This is only the beginning...of the end.
July 04, 2010
I'm not following this. Why would someone file tax returns understating earnings for a club that was a tax-exempt non-profit?